3M CTC Innovation Facility

Following the successful completion of an extensive branded workplace environment program for 3M’s Australian HQ, we were asked to partner with the team at Colliers Project Services again, to brand a tactile and interactive 3M innovation space that would create links between the different technology divisions within the business.

The CTC Innovation Facility, opened by Greg Combet, the Minister for Innovation and Industry, is an opportunity for the different 3M technology divisions to display their innovative developments on custom modular stands. The space features multi-touch screen displays, media walls and LCD screens that demonstrate the diverse 3M technologies in unique and interesting ways.

As the primary technology showcase area of 3M, the space needed to have a sense of cumulated achievement, taking the 'trophy room' concept to the next level. The branded space provides an atmosphere of collaboration that enhance 3M's relationship with their customers and partners, increasing their understanding of one another, and ultimately informing positive sales and profit growth.

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