Forensics & Data Facility Centre
Australian Federal Police

The AFP is Australia's international law enforcement and policing representative, and the Government's chief source of advice on policing issues. THERE were commissioned to create an integrated signage wayfinding system that both complimented the architectural intent along with the natural surrounding outlook of the site. 

The new facility is part of a 'One AFP' initiative to unite the AFP. For the first time the AFP was to consolidate its disparate forensic departments – Facial Recognition & Fingerprints, DNA Analysis, Ballistics and Crime Scene Analysis Divisions – into a single, purpose built complex.

The Forensic Data Facility Centre building is a contemporary 20,000sqm space situated in the Canberra hinterlands. The landmark building will have an expected active life of 25+ years, hence the materiality and finishes needed to be durable due to the extreme Canberra weather.

Inspired by the micro-investigation and analysis on a microscopic level employed by the AFP, our creative was positioned around a central idea of ‘combined potential'. THERE developed a detailed visual language which tied into this anchoring theme.

Our scope covered; strategic masterplanning, user circulation studies, establishing a signage hierarchy, wayfinding, icon suite creation and internal graphics.

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