Classic Hits

The nationwide Classic Hits radio stations, comprising WSFM101.7, 4KQ693 and GOLD104.3, are the stations of choice for real people looking for real music from the 1960’s - 1990’s. 

A brand overhaul was required to bring the family of stations all under the one banner with an updated image that would appeal to the broad audience skew of 25-55yrs old with 60-40% male bias.

A new brand strategy was developed that focused on the music authenticity and sense of nostalgia for which the brand was known for. We then created a strong visual presence: an easily recognisable icon inspired by the guitar plectrum and supporting graphic language. A gold and black colourway further reaffirmed a sense of connection with the good times from the past.

The Results
We redefined the branding hierarchy from a frequency-focus to a brand-focus. It now performs consistently well in ratings and the new brand identity and accompanying collateral has given Australian Radio Network (ARN) a brand with accumulating credibility and equity, increasing its visibility and cut-through in the marketplace.

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