Barangaroo Carpark Wayfinding

Barangaroo is Sydney’s newest and most significant inner-city precinct. It is located on the north-western edge of the Sydney central business district and the southern end of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.  

Over the next decade it is being re-shaped into a thriving public, residential and commercial precinct with a waterfront promenade running the length of the site. Incorporating a major new public headland park - Barangaroo Point, which will bookend Bennelong Point - it is one of the most ambitious and significant waterfront redevelopments anywhere in the world.

We were commissioned by LendLease to deliver a precinct wayfinding strategy, with the challenge being to unify various existing schemes and distill them into one cohesive kit-of-parts that all ‘speak the same language’. This strategy then anchored the design direction for a wayfinding system for Barangaroo’s carpark – a 78,000sqm subterranean landscape of parking bays, loading docks and service roads that runs the entire length of the development.

The resulting carpark wayfinding had safety and accessibility as anchoring drivers, ensuring that users were presented with clear, legible circulation routes strongly defined by impactful graphic devices.

The distinct materiality of 3 commercial towers above ground formed the basis of 3 colour-palettes below ground, combined with a bold use of typography and iconography to aid intuitive navigation. Recurring super-graphic motifs featuring extruded shadows and lozenge shaped forms played on the artificially-illuminated environment whilst echoing key architectural forms.

Signage fabrication also needed to take into account the Greenstar rated architecture and provide best-practice wayfinding to a global standard.

Photography by Steve Brown.

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