Flying the Flag

HCF, the Australian health fund provider, recently embarked on an upgrade of their Sydney workplace – 8 floors of tenancy connected by a new internal staircase, creating a modern and collaborative working environment. 

They commissioned THERE to provide wayfinding and environmental graphics, giving us the brief to provide a layer of branding that closely aligned the interior spaces with the company’s values of health and wellbeing.

In early briefings, we discovered HCF’s positioning of being champions for health – with a goal to revolutionise people’s health cover. This inspired us to create a graphic system derived from the visuals of protest placards, flags and posters – bold, simple shapes and forms that echo the language of activism and social change. Graphics span across across the entire length of each floor, with each level taking on a different colour to encourage staff to experience all spaces.

Around the central staircase, the colour and patterns are amplified and activated, but as the graphics move away into the workspace, the patterns reduce in intensity. The backdrop to the staircase - an 8-storey plasterboard wall – provided a canvas for a unifying graphic that would tie each individual floor’s colour palette together.

Graphics were further applied to glazed meeting rooms, which were then also named after eminent Australians in healthcare – reminding staff of the pioneers that had come before them. The overall result was a
vibrant and connected workspace, with a sense of boldness that takes HCF and its employees into a new era.





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