Regional HQ
ACE Group

ACE is one of the world’s largest multiline property and casualty insurers. With operations in over 54 countries, their new 3,500 sqm regional HQ required an extensive branded environment that celebrated their strong position in the market.

Following a series of client workshops we discovered an energy, passion and can-do attitude, lies at the core of the brand’s culture. This energy is expressed throughout with an organic triangular graphic language, inspired by the ACE brand identity.

From glazing graphics to collaboration zone imagery, this graphic brand ‘dna’ becomes integral to the fabric of the workplace environment, creating spatial attachment with staff and helping maintain a work culture of unity and engagement.

Experiential feature installations were also created to enhance the visitor arrival experience to each level. Each feature wall, made from over 40 individual laser etched timber blades, depicts local and regional imagery, providing identity and sense of place whilst cementing the importance of global connectivity for the ACE brand and its staff.

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