Brand Identity

Adshel, a division of ClearChannel
International, are one of largest
out-of-home media brands, both
in Australia, and worldwide.Seeking
to shift perceptions as a conservative,
subruban alernative, Adshel challenged
THERE to transform their brand,
igniting possibilities for growth
and innovation in their product and
service offerings.

We worked with Adshel for nearly
a year, beginning with workshops
to collaboratively define a brand
strategy and positioning that
leveraged the best of the organisation,
it's culture and it's people. Building
on these insights, the brand idea
'Igniting Possibility' inspired a bold 
new identity, implemented across
online, environments, marketing and
corporate stationery. This essence
also reinforces their unique offering
and the value they create for their
clients, with their unrivalled reach
and frequency.

Adshel now has a compelling brand
identity that doesn't look or act
anything else in their category. 
It's multicoloured when surrounded
by grey, it can share a laugh when
many are too serious, it embraces
innovation where many are timid
in the face of relentless change.
This dynamic, flexible identity reflects
the organisation of today, and helps
guide them on their journey ahead. 

Rebrands can often be seen as just superficial so it was important to capture our true internal culture and real external attributes and then translate them into something meaningful for people both inside and out of the organisation. What I loved about working with THERE on our rebrand, was not just the comfort that the end product would be beautiful but the intelligence they brought to the strategy and positioning
Nicole McInnes
Marketing Director, Adshel
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