Garangula Gallery
FKM Architecture

Renowned architecture practice, Fender Katsalidis Mirams (FKM), approached THERE to help with placemaking for a private art gallery located on a 5,000 hectare estate near Canberra.

Drawing inspiration from the recycled timber's provenance, our interpretive design of the external facade captures the winding bends of the Pine River at dramatic scale across a series of bladed timber panels. The timber was sourced from the Hornibrook Bridge, a crossing of the Pine River, demolished in 2011 – our graphic pays homage to this heritage in an innnovative,  contemporary manner, complementing the overall architectural intent.

By playing with extruded sections that created shadow and depth we were able to add an intriguing effect to the building facade that responded to the site, architecture and materiality. 

THERE are currently working with the private client on creating a gallery identity that will be seen across various branded items.

Photography by John Gollings.

FKM Architects worked with THERE to add meaning and graphic content and to a prominent facade at the new Garangula Gallery in rural NSW. Our collaboration enabled THERE to graphically convey a narrative around the history of recycled and crafted timber materials. The building facade came to illustrate the meandering path of a river the timber once spanned in a previous life as a bridge. Vertical blades punctuate the facade and create a cinematic experience of passing shadow throughout the day. Garangula Gallery won numerous design and construction awards. We greatly valued our collaboration with THERE who provided exhaustive research material and excellent creative responses to problems as they arose. We will certainly continue to work with THERE on current and future projects.
Rob Mirams
Director, FKM Architecture
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