Majulah, Singapore

Google’s new regional HQ campus needed to represent local community, work across cultures, and be humble yet inspirational. 

Central to these ideas was the creation of Kampongs - a regional term meaning small village or community of houses. ‘Kampong Spirit’ and the idea of mutual interaction and understanding, is well aligned with Google’s culture and helped shift  workplace thinking from ‘me’ to ‘we’.

Kampong ‘hubs’ designed for small team meetings or larger gatherings, create a vertical village across the various levels. Navigation to these hubs formed the core of our wayfinding system, driving connection over porous boundaries between teams and spaces. 

The signage design builds on a textural base palette of raw, unfinished surfaces such as concrete flooring, fibre cement sheeting, steel and plywood. A design language of layered facets, materials and industrial character create visual interest and physical connection, providing a clear overarching aesthetic.

Regional flora and fauna are interpreted through glazing graphics with subtle motifs and patterns assigned to each level, forming the different sections of a tree-like ecosystem.

With a wayfinding strategy that encourages movement and internal community, and a focus on the physical environment of this unique region, the Kampong Spirit is brought to life.

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