ING DIRECT Wayfinding and Signage

ING DIRECT is the worlds leading direct savings bank. They have reinvented the way Australians bank by delivering simple, straightforward and human banking products. 

Working alongside Bates Smart our team was briefed to help encourage collaboration, inspiration, flexibility and movement within the space. They wanted the space to reflect the core business’ service culture - human banking. And to create a warm, welcoming and un-banky environment to reflect the key brand values - Honest, Responsible & Prudent. 

THERE developed an engaging wayfinding and environmental graphics language to help reflect the nature of the business. This included subtle textures, references to Australiana, and a series of brand messages to complement ING’s sophisticated new workplace.

The ING brand messages were designed in a range of different materials and colours, to complement the colour palette for each level. These were created to activate team spaces, and to encourage movement and discovery throughout the space.

A clear and simple wayfinding system was an important consideration due to the challenging floorplate of the new space. THERE created a series of static directory maps to help visitors and staff navigate their way throughout the space with ease.

The final workspace not only reflects ING’s un-banklike brand, it activates the space, and encourages a culture of conversation amongst it’s staff.

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