McCafe Packaging

After winning a 3-way creative
pitch against established
specialist packaging agencies,
we worked closely with the
marketing team at McDonalds
to create a ‘premium yet playful’
look for the entire McCafé
packing range. The extensive
program was then rolled out
across Australia and New Zealand
and comprised various sizes of
hot & cold drink cups, wraps,
bags and takeaway boxes. 

The new look and feel captured
the emotional benefits of the
sensory experience surrounding
drinking coffee, whilst giving a
reassurance of quality and
positioning McCafé as credible
player in the cluttered coffee
chain market.

Under tight timelines and many strict brand guidelines the team at THERE elevated McCafé packaging to a completely new level. Not only did it fit seamlessly into the overall campaign theme but it has set a benchmark for McCafé teams across the globe. In addition to the great creative outcome, the professional yet relaxed approach meant THERE were a pleasure to work with.
Grant Gordon
Brand Manager, McDonalds
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