Chase Property

Parklands is a luxury residential
development located in the heart of
the Blue Mountains, NSW and nestled
amongst a breathtaking 28 acre
parkland landscape of undulating
lawns, manicured gardens and
towering 100yr old trees.

This extraordinary development by
Chase Property, Nettleton Tribe
Architects and Cramer Property Sales,
comprised 64 luxurious 2 and 3
bedroom semi-attached houses, each
occupying its own exquisite landscape.

From the beautifully crafted
development identity and typography,
to the meticulously art directed imagery
and poetic copy, THERE created a brand
campaign which captured the essence
of this magical place where you could be
forgiven for thinking you had arrived at
an aristocratic European manor.

The successful campaign helped deliver
over $3million worth or pre-sales in
the first weekend alone and eventually
led to all residences being sold ahead
of schedule.

Winner of a Gold at the International 
Graphis Logo Awards.

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