Where Art meets Science

Roche are world leaders in pharmaceutical excellence, and have been a pioneer in global healthcare for over 120 years. Recently relocating their head office to Sydney’s CBD, we were tasked with workplace graphics & wayfinding that would create an inspiring environment and help to foster a cultural shift towards greater collaboration. 

Across the 3 floors or workplace, 2 lift cores anchored the north and south ends of the site and so by wrapping each in a distinctive design we could help staff orientate themselves within the building. 

The challenge for us was to develop a graphic language that acted as a bridge between the company’s innovative scientific research and their personal connection to patients.
Researching the company, we learnt that Roche had a long history of supporting groundbreaking arts projects and so the idea of commissioning bespoke art pieces for the Sydney space was born.

Four local artists were each commissioned to produce an in-situ wall-work that wrapped one of the lift cores. The artists were encouraged to explore the parallels between science and art, whilst each responding to a different theme taken from the company’s global brand narratives. The artworks connected science to a more human form, with expressive designs hand painted across the walls and each covering a wall span of over 25m.

The result was highly visible landmarks combined with a discrete signage system – both helping to aid navigation but also create a space of impact and engagement for the brand’s employees.



Hassell – Interior Design
The Operative – Artist Management
Daniel Hollier
Hayley Megan French
Ron Adams
Tom Polo

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