ONE@Changi City
Credit Suisse

This new facility located in Singapore's Changi Business Park, accommodates more than 2,000 Credit Suisse staff over 17,000 sqm. The interiors scheme by Hassell uses activity based workplace (ABW) principles to allow individuals and teams to locate themselves wherever is most appropriate for them to undertake their work.

To help facilitate this strategy, we created numerous life-size illustrations that allow staff to orientate themselves more easily and aid identification of areas for team congregation within the workplace.

Enhancing the overarching design theme, the graphics use 2D and 3D elements to depict typical scenes from local culture and Singaporean shophouse life, with some subtle quirks and a nod to the Bank’s Swiss heritage to provide a sense of identity.

The environmental graphics have not only helped engender ownership but allowed the business to communicate a sense of purpose for different areas within the workplace – from quiet to active, from individual to collaborative.

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