Lockleys Mortgage Facility

Westpac Lockleys in South Australia is the banks largest mortgage back-office facility in the country with over 900 staff in a single 20,000sqm floorplate. Our brief was to bring immediate visual impact and a logical wayfinding strategy to a very large, tired and busy workplace, that had seen minimal interior investment since the facility opened 15 years prior. 

One of the main challenges was to find ways to help staff better orientate and navigate themselves within such a large space, whilst also providing a sense of identity and ownership for the different business divisions and groups.

Our response was inspired by the business focus of the facility. We broke up the floorplate into neighbourhoods and created a rich, colourful visual language based on the shapes, forms and patterns associated with your typical Australian suburban home, providing personality, relevance and context.

To aid orientation, large scale graphic typography and imagery was incorporated onto bulkheads and breakout zone areas, enabling easy visibility from distance. Wayfinding was aided further with custom printed floor graphics at key navigational junctions throughout the space.

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